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源(Yuan)Glint Exhibition

Branding/Exhibition Design/Motion Design

This project is an immersive exhibition about traditional incense culture in China. This project required pairing an artist with an object and designing a branding identity. I picked a 3d artist name Gao Yang and took his works as my initial inspiration. The interaction happens on a glass panel next to the mountain installation. By tapping on each selection, the light and scent given by the installation will change.

The installation will also emit a small amount of smoke. Besides the installation, there will be an educational section, displaying the history of Incense in China. To make the exhibition expended beyond this room, there will be incense arranged all over the outdoor space, also if the audiences get interested in incense, they can purchase some from the souvenir store .

由烧香仪式得到启发,探索中国传统香文化的作品。设想邀请一位艺术家合作并将其风格融入在最终的视觉设计中。我选择的是一位3D艺术家Gao Yang, 并以其作品作为灵感。

艺术家Gao Yang探索运用3D建模渲染的技术实现中式传统扁平的视觉效果,如作品《岚》等。借此为灵感,借鉴Gao Yang的配色风格,以山形装置为中心,我设计了一个沉浸式展览。 展厅中心是一个可交互的山状装置,装置底部可以切换灯光色彩,释放香 味,共有三种香味:传统檀香、花香和草木香。观众通过触摸旁边的玻璃 交互板,可以在三种状态之间切换。展览旨在体验香文化的氛围感,仪式 感和宣传烧香这一传统的历史,是对于在现代科技社会中传播传统文化的 探索。


Inspiration - Traditional Chinese Incence & Artist Gao Yang

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Exterior of the Exhibition

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