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Qiqi 琦琦 Character Design

Character Design/Branding

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This is a personal project and a practice of character design. The initial goal of this project was to design a doll figure that is different from those in the market which are usually cute, harmless and dressed like a princess. I believe that, having the main audience targeting girls and women, a doll figure is more than nice looking, it also speaks for some ideas along with its overall design. So I designed this character in colorful hair colors and having a poker face with eyes half opened. I also gave this character a background of a social media influencer. In this story, she shares her lifestyle on social media by posting video diaries, wearings of the day, and images of her everyday life. Along with those, the idea of being confident and  being who you are without caring about judgements is spread to her followers. Inspired by the term KOL, key opinion leader, I named my character Qiqi, or Kiki. 
The project started with sketching out Qiqi from three different perspectives, then developed two more versions. After having all details figured out, I modeled and rendered Kiki in three different lookings. In order to match with her background story, I also made three scenes and put the figure in so that the renderings came out like selfies on social media. The whole process was fun. Modeling her clothes was the most difficult part in this project. Partially because of my choice of the software, modeling out the softness, folds and clothes overlapping was hard. This project is still going on and hopefully there can be more looks of Qiqi in the future.