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隐于山南Hidden In The South of The Mountain 

Logo Design
Illustrator/Photoshop/InDesign/After Effect



Logo with Colors

Class Individual Project/2019
This project was to design for our own imaginary studio or brand. I imagined a design studio which focused on stationery products and print books, having the believe of the studio to be encouraging people slowing down and enjoying the beautiful nature arround us. In this project, I wanted to try work with some Chinese traditional style, so I picked calligraphy typeface for the logo name and I believed introducing the brush stroke texture help encouraging the slow lifestyle. I also tried to put in elements of the nature, inspired by the traditional Chinese landscape drawings.
Got some suggestions saying it might be difficult to show these many details, so I made the simplified version so that the logo can be applied in all kinds of platforms and applications. This version was inspired by ink drops on Chinese traditional shuen paper.