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GG Magazine

Editorial Design


Class Individual Project/2018
The concept of this project is to create a publication in a self-developed display font, upon a robust grid and within a typographic system. My interest at that time was gaming, so I chose to develop a magazine based on this. The purpose of this magazine is to introduce games to the audience and show some of their features. This book is designed to be flipped vertically, I was trying to bring the gesture of browsing websites to this flat print medium. To match with the theme of games, the display font is designed in bits style. It was developed from the typeface Game Over Regular. The display font was used for section titles. The name of this magazine is GG, meaning Good Game, also an acronym for the slogan, “Games for all Gamers.”

Games are heavily interactive and so should the layout of a game magazine be. As a print publication, the idea of interaction is delivered by text and images. So I focused on text interacting with images to create an atmosphere close to each game. Characters and items were also brought into the layouts to further introduce these games.

For the cover composition, I put one character as the main focus, games and articles listed along the sides. In order to unify all different styles of games, I developed rules for tags, headers and titles. The featured article, a recommendation of mobile phone games, was designed in a slightly different style and rules to specialize it.

Some of the spreads