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Emotion of Melody

Motion Design
Illustrator/Cinema 4D/After Effect/InDesign/Photoshop

Class Individual Project / 2020
There is a universe in each melody and the music notes decorate the atmosphere. Music is a method to express emotions and thoughts. The audience may or may not get the emotions lying in the music. However, when I listen to music, I tend to imagine the melody as space. Inside that space, every note turns into particles that fill this imaginary space with expressive colors and shapes. In my project, I wanted to visualize music to recreate the small universe I imagined while listening to the music. I took one clip from each of the two songs and tried to transfer the feelings from my motion graphics.

The graphics in my videos represent the mood I felt in my perspective. The relaxing and lazy atmosphere is transformed into a soft, dreamy, dizzy, and retro grainy style. This is my understanding reacted to these two clips of music. Of course, different people would have a different experience when listening to the same pieces of music. So I made these motion graphics to translate this abstract feeling expressively. The original purpose of my project was to learn and practice skills of After Effect and Cinema 4D software. Through the progress of my project, I felt I am now much confident with the softwares. The first clip is from the song 'Strange Sensation' by Xfruge and the second clip from 'The Open Boat' by Primary&Colde.

Clip 1: Strange Sensation - Xfruge

Clip 2: The Open Boat - PrimaryColde

In the very beginning, the concept of my project is to research on the relationship between emotions and colors and visualize my research. However, after researching for the amount of time, I realized what I wanted was not an academic research report but an expressive visualization of the abstract emotion. Suddenly I was out of idea what to do for my degree plan expect that I wanted to visualization abstract feelings. Whenever I got spare time after finished works, I like to listen to music. It helps me relax and put myself into an imaginary dreamy world. So I had this idea to visualize this world to share my feeling with other people. At first, I had no idea how to make the abstract imagination into objective things. At that time I got inspiration from some abstract motion graphics and painter Wassily Kandinsky’s paintings. I started by using just pure colors that I felt matching with the music and compose the very first mood board.